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Fact Sheet: What Is Payment Processing?

Download Our Fact Sheet for an Overview of Payment Processing

Payments Funnel_Tofu_ Cover

Accepting credit cards may seem costly, but not accepting this preferred method of payment can cost you even more.

"73% of buyers reveal that the type of payment a business accepts will determine whether or not they make a purchase from that business."
JP Morgan Chase Report

Understand the Fundamentals of Payment Processing at a Glance

Credit card is the single most popular way to pay. In fact, research shows that most consumers will make a purchasing decision based on the type of payment accepted. In other words, if your business is unable to accept credit card payments, you're missing out on business.

In this fluff-free fact sheet, 'What is Payment Processing?' you will:

  • Discover the players involved with payment processing
  • Understand how payment processing works at a glance
  • Learn why accepting credit cards directly impacts your revenue
  • And MORE!

"GoSite made it easier for our customers to do business with us, increasing our bottom line all while making my life better."

Chris Schmit, J.C. WoodWork